Every Day English

Programme 1: How do you like your coffee

Programme 2: Are you into jazz?

Programme 3: Have you texted him?

Programme: 4 - This computer's really playing up!

Programme: 5 - What's your brother up to?

Programme 6: What did you say your husband does?

Programme 7: I'm broke. Count me out.

Programme 8: This phone's driving me up the wall.

Programme 9: I'm looking for a doubles partner

Programme 10: I'm buying. What would you like?

Programme 11: Can you give me a few pointers?

Programme 12: It's got rave reviews. (restaurants)

Programme 13: A scrappy game.

Programme 14: This week is really hectic

Programme 15: Is now a good time to talk?

Programme 16: Do you want a lift to the match on Saturday?

Programme 17: Did you catch the match last night?

Programme 18: Do you know how to get into this computer?

Programme 19: I've double-booked myself.

Programme 20: Have you checked out his fan site?

Programme 21: Can you chase that up for me? (business English)

Programme 22: I've booked a court today.

Programme 23: I didn't make training.

Programme 24: Are you OK to talk? (phone)

Programme 25: We need 5 years' experience, minimum. (job recruitment)

Programme 26: I got picked for the first team.

Programme 27: Have you done something to your hair?

Programme 28: Have you seen John?

Programme 29: How can I get hold of you later on?

Programme 30: We're having a kick-around at lunchtime.

Programme 31: Have you read his latest?

Programme 32: Have you been to aerobics lately?

Programme 33: I've got a meeting first thing.

Programme 34: That was a great game!

Programme 35: I've managed to get tickets for the music festival.

Programme 36: What colours do your team play in?

Programme 37: The figures are completely up to date.

Programme 38: Where did you go in the end?

Programme 39: - This is getting a bit urgent. (business English)

Programme 40: Something's come up at work.

Programme 41: - Do you mind if I change the track?

Programme 42: - Can you send me the link?

Programme 43: How's David getting on in London?

Programme 44: Is the opera house this way?

Programme 45: Are you going for that job?

Programme: 46 - Are you doing anything tonight?

Programme: 47 - I could really do with a hand

Programme: 48 - Have you booked a table?

Programme: 49 - Are you free for a quick get-together today?

Programme: 50 - We should have a party sometime

Programme: 51 - I haven’t seen her for months!

Programme: 52 - Why don’t we take a vote on it?


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