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Obrázek epizody Learn English free with podcasts: Plain English

Plain English | Improve your English with current events

Jeff B. |

Osobní rozvoj

Learn English free with podcasts: Plain English

Obrázek epizody Learn English free with podcasts: Plain English

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1. 10. 2017

2 min

Would you like to speak English better? Do you have a hard time understanding native speakers because they go too fast? Do you want to learn English expressions and practice with phrasal verbs? If so, then you are in the right place.

Plain English is a free slower-speed podcast for people learning English. Each lesson includes a discussion about an interesting topic and an explanation of one English word or phrase.

Come join Jeff and JR every Monday and Thursday for new episodes of Plain English. Click "subscribe" to get the newest episodes downloaded to your phone automatically.

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Plain English is the podcast for learners everywhere who want to improve their English in a fun and modern way. Every Monday and Thursday, we explore the events and trends that shape the world in clear, understandable English. We also take a close look at one English expression or phrasal verb in each episode. Best of all, we go at a slower speed so you can understand every word. By listening to current events and trending topics, you will expand your vocabulary, improve your English listening, and learn about the world. No wonder learners from 160+ countries have made Plain English part of their routine. Read full transcripts and unlock free extras at