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Jeff B. |

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Podcast Plain English Podcast | Learn English | Practice English with Current Events at the Right Speed for Learners

Learn English the fun way—by listening to a podcast in English! Plain English is a program that you can understand! Join Jeff twice a week for an American English podcast about current events, such as American culture, travel, business, technology, politics and sports. The episodes also help you learn English vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs, English grammar and other expressions. Best of all, the show goes at the right speed for you—just a little bit slower than native speech. By listening to English that’s a little slower, you can understand more and learn to speak English with more confidence. Interactive transcripts of each episode are available for free online at Learning English online doesn’t have to be boring or feel like an English class; it should feel like listening to friends in English. What are you waiting for? Listen now and join the thousands of people who are already a part of the Plain English community. | ¿Buscas una manera fácil y divertida para aprender inglés gratis en línea? Únete a nuestro curso de inglés, Plain English. Cada lunes y jueves, Jeff, el narrador americano, habla sobre eventos actuales, incluida la cultura americana, viajes, negocios, tecnología, política, y deportes. Lo mejor de todo es que se habla a una velocidad lenta para que todos entiendan. ¡No te detengas! Aprende a hablar ingles en línea hoy mismo con Plain English. | Aprenda Inglês online grátis com o Plain English, a uma velocidade menor, para que todos possam entender.

374 epizod

38 odběratelů

Inside the Super League’s quick demise | Learn the expression ‘at the mercy of’

13. 5. 2021

21 min

European Super League ends up being a super flop | Learn the phrasal verb ‘shell out’

10. 5. 2021

21 min

The work from home tech wish list | Learn the phrasal verb ‘filter out’

6. 5. 2021

23 min

The first green jacket for golf-crazy Japan | Learn the English expression ‘let loose’

3. 5. 2021

23 min

The great remote work debate of 2021 | Learn the English expression ‘hand-in-hand’

29. 4. 2021

19 min

The significance of closed borders for US-Canada border towns | Learn the English expression ‘closely-knit’

26. 4. 2021

20 min

Your COVID vaccine questions, answered | Learn the English expression ‘a feature, not a bug’

22. 4. 2021

25 min

The rise of digital nomad visas to attract remote workers | Learn the English expression ‘get around’

19. 4. 2021

20 min

The last Blockbuster Video store | Learn the expression ‘at its peak’

15. 4. 2021

20 min

An epic traffic jam in the Suez Canal | Learn the English expression “back up”

12. 4. 2021

19 min

Volvo is going fully electric by 2030 | Learn the expression ‘stay on top of’

8. 4. 2021

20 min

What in the (cyber) world are NFT’s? | Learn the English expression ‘bragging rights’

5. 4. 2021

26 min

Why you should question vaccine passports | Learn the expression ‘weight on your shoulders’

1. 4. 2021

20 min

Could more remote work opportunities benefit organizational neurodiversity? | Learn the English expression ‘catch-all’

29. 3. 2021

22 min

Duty-free shops had a rough 2020 | Learn the English expression ‘add up’

25. 3. 2021

21 min

Sports betting is coming to America | Learn the expression ‘stay out of it’

22. 3. 2021

22 min

‘Nomadland’ turned real people into unlikely movie stars | Learn the English expression ‘make ends meet’

19. 3. 2021

17 min

‘Nomadland’ explores a house-less life on the road | Learn the phrasal verb ‘run into’

15. 3. 2021

17 min

Snow reaching unlikely places this winter | Learn the English expression ‘resort to’

11. 3. 2021

17 min

Serrana, Brazil is hoping to unravel a coronavirus mystery | Learn the expression ‘get in on the action’

8. 3. 2021

17 min

Bezos is retiring from Amazon, sort of | Learn the English expression ‘step back from’

4. 3. 2021

19 min

TV shows are already weaving in COVID-19 storylines | Learn the expression ‘skirt the issue’

1. 3. 2021

23 min

America’s beloved regional chain restaurants | Learn the expression to ‘go well with’

25. 2. 2021

19 min

Australian cane toads evolving at rapid speed | Learn the phrasal verb ‘pick up’

22. 2. 2021

21 min

Tips for communicating while masking up | Learn the phrasal verb ‘get away with’

18. 2. 2021

20 min