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Obrázek epizody Heat pumps: the green way to heat a home (Heat up)

Plain English

Jeff B. |



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Heat pumps: the green way to heat a home (Heat up)

Obrázek epizody Heat pumps: the green way to heat a home (Heat up)

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10. 6. 2024

20 min

Today's story: Most homes in cold-weather places have furnaces or boilers to provide heat indoors. These are effective and are relatively cheap to install, but they run on fossil fuels. A greener option is heat pumps. But like electric cars, heat pumps face barriers to wider adoption. In this lesson, learn how a heat pump works and why it might be the future of heat in cold-weather climates.

Learn this English expression: To 'heat up' is to get hotter

Full lesson:


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