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Obrázek epizody Ep. 002: Daniel Mackey - Bootstrapping to $30M ARR

Digital Innovation Chat

Jan Kartusek


Ep. 002: Daniel Mackey - Bootstrapping to $30M ARR

Obrázek epizody Ep. 002: Daniel Mackey - Bootstrapping to $30M ARR

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21. 5. 2020

36 min

In today's episode, Jan interviews Daniel Mackey who's the founder and CTO of, which is a collaboration software that includes work management, helpdesk, chat, sales CRM and content collaboration workspace.

We're going to discuss how Daniel bootstrapped a $30M ARR business as a small agency owner from Cork. You're also going to learn why Daniel spent 500K euros on a domain, how he organizes his 125 engineers across 5 offices globally and what is the future for

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Digital Innovation Chat is an interview-based podcast with leading CTOs, Chief Product Officers, Digital Transformation Officers or Startup Founders in which they’ll share with you their lessons learned about scaling their digital products and tech departments, how they stay agile and lean in their product development and how they use cutting edge technologies to help them stay ahead of the curve. This podcast is hosted by Jan Kartusek who's the Chief Business Officer in a digital product development studio Cleevio.