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Obrázek epizody Tevin Tobun

New Thinking Podcast

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Tevin Tobun

Obrázek epizody Tevin Tobun

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12. 5. 2022

47 min

Tevin Tobun is the chief executive of GV Group. Founded in 2001, GV Group is the UK’s leading independently owned food logistics specialist with a global footprint spanning the UK, South America, and Africa. They focus on operations within the education, social, healthcare, retail, and business and industry sectors. Tevin is also chair of the non-profit organisation Inspirational You and Life Patron of the Springboard Charity. He has set up his own scholarship scheme, the GV Scholarship, which helps young talents from disadvantaged backgrounds get into university through financial support and mentorship. In this in-depth conversation, Tevin talks us through his career journey so far and why he always had the focus of helping the next generation achieve their goals; he delves into the Tobun foundation and the work they do to give the next generation enough tools and support to make the best decisions, and shares his future plans to expand and globalise the business and play a role in developing countries.

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