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Obrázek epizody Business Leaders - Edan Yago

New Thinking: Leaders

Right Angles


Business Leaders - Edan Yago

Obrázek epizody Business Leaders - Edan Yago

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17. 9. 2021

41 min

Edan Yago is a blockchain entrepreneur and core contributor to Sovryn, a decentralised Bitcoin trading and lending platform that allows members to trade with leverage and earn yield by lending. Earlier in his career, Yago founded several other companies in the Bitcoin and crypto space, including CementDAO and Epiphyte. In this in-depth conversation, Yago reflects on starting out as an entrepreneur, and his desire to have an impact on the world and take “ownership of his destiny;” shares his journey of discovering the crypto space, as well as how growing up in South Africa during Apartheid taught him not to be dependent on traditional forms of currency; and discusses the future of Bitcoin, and the need to adapt to life as it becomes increasingly digital.

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