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Obrázek epizody Supper Club × NX Monorepos with Victor Savkin

Syntax - Tasty Web Development Treats

Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski - Full Stack JavaScript Web Developers

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Supper Club × NX Monorepos with Victor Savkin

Obrázek epizody Supper Club × NX Monorepos with Victor Savkin

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13. 5. 2022

1 hod 3 min

In this supper club episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott talk with Victor Savkin about NX Monorepo development.

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Whiskey Web and Whatnotis different than your typical dev podcast. We show a lighter, more human side of developers you know and love, like a fireside chat with your favorite devs. Past guests include Tom Preston-Werner, Kent C. Dodds, Charlie Gerard, and of course Wes Bos! We have discussed everything from Next.js and TypeScript to Chuck’s past life as a blackjack dealer, Cincinnati Chili, the best casseroles, and of course whiskey!

Visitwhiskeywebandwhatnot.fmor find them wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Full Stack Developers Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski dive deep into web development topics, explaining how they work and talking about their own experiences. They cover from JavaScript frameworks like React, to the latest advancements in CSS to simplifying web tooling.