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Obrázek epizody #795 - Ryan Holiday - 11 Harsh Stoic Truths To Improve Your Life

Modern Wisdom

Chris Williamson




#795 - Ryan Holiday - 11 Harsh Stoic Truths To Improve Your Life

Obrázek epizody #795 - Ryan Holiday - 11 Harsh Stoic Truths To Improve Your Life

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10. 6. 2024

2 hod 7 min

Ryan Holiday is a podcaster, marketer and an author. Stoicism is like the hot new girl in school. A popular, perfect blend of ancient philosophy which is applicable to modern challenges. Given that Ryan is probably the world's most famous Stoicism expert, what are the most important insights he's learned about how to apply this wisdom to daily life? Expect to learn why Ryan doesn’t talk about the projects he’s working on before finishing them, why Ryan thinks that competition is for losers, how self belief is overrated, what Ryan’s morning routine and typical day looks like, why Broicism has found a new lease of life, the importance of taking responsibility for yourself instead of other people and much more... Sponsors: See discounts for all the products I use and recommend: Get a 20% discount on Nomatic’s amazing luggage at (use code MW20) Get up to 20% discount on the best supplements from Momentous at (automatically applied at checkout) Get 5 Free Travel Packs, Free Liquid Vitamin D and more from AG1 at (discount automatically applied) Extra Stuff: Get my free reading list of 100 books to read before you die: Try my productivity energy drink Neutonic: Episodes You Might Enjoy: #577 - David Goggins - This Is How To Master Your Life: #712 - Dr Jordan Peterson - How To Destroy Your Negative Beliefs: #700 - Dr Andrew Huberman - The Secret Tools To Hack Your Brain: - Get In Touch: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Email: - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit