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Obrázek epizody Trilo & QO - Turn It Up

Hoofbeats Music Podcast

Hoofbeats Music


Trilo & QO - Turn It Up

Obrázek epizody Trilo & QO - Turn It Up

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2. 5. 2022

4 min

Following up on their first fruitful collaboration from 2019 yielding the „Push It To The Limit“ fruit, QO & Trilo have teamed up again in the studio to deliver a worthy successor. Kicking things off with an electrifying intro full of pulsating pads and vicious riffs, you can already feel things are gonna get nasty as soon as the massive kick drums make their way into the mix. But it’s very much like knowing something is out there waiting for you. What good does it really make when you don’t know when and what is actually gonna strike you, right? And as much as you were expecting it and trying to prepare for it, you couldn’t have get yourself ready to face such a face-melting beast of a drop that jumps at you here. Dirty menacing bassline, militant drums and all kinds of foul growls are the name of the game here. And if that already wasn’t enough for you and you would somehow miraculously make it through the first attack, just you wait for it to come back at you again. This beast is hungry and it’s not gonna give up, so you just might as well „Turn It Up“! -------------------- Trilo Facebook - Instagram - Soundcloud - Twitter - QO Facebook - Instagram - Soundcloud - Twitter -